• Elizabeth teaches within her music, and ministers peace within her instrumentals, sharing her spiritual gifts with all who visit the site. 
  • This website is created for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, and to the glory of God and Christ.
  • Everyone is Welcome! Familiarize yourself with the menu, and enjoy the Site! 
  • Elizabeth Ann Smith's music is only available through this website.  
  • You never have to come back to this page again! (smile)
  • Elizabeth Ann Smith here! I had previously published my music under Clare Blume and Beth Smith Music, but have recently been led by the Lord to remove all my music from official distribution, and am now offering free streaming and lyrics of my music via this site.  Time is short before Christ's return, and I want to redeem the time by making all this music available to everyone, everywhere!   Please help me spread what God has for you all, by sending links out to your friends... especially overseas friends, missionaries, students, army personnel, etc... for then they can listen freely to 150 songs too... allowing the Lord to minister through the music to their minds and hearts.
  • The first seven albums are Christian "Discipleship" Music, and the songs have lyrics, given by the Holy Spirit, to bring forth knowledge of the Word and instruction in righteousness in a very enjoyable way...through music. Every song is a different flavor, so if you don't like one, move on to the next! It's a smorgasbord of spiritual food for your spirit man to feast upon! You may not know how hungry you are until you begin to partake, and my prayer is that this music will minister life, refreshing, and healing to your soul.  From now until 2024, all discipleship music can be downloaded into your music library FREE OF CHARGE. This is Elizabeth's Christmas Gift to you all… So download the albums or the tracks you desire without delay! They are so enjoyable to listen to from headphones as you go to bed at night, filling you with God's truth, that you can then sleep on!
  • The last six albums, beginning with Musical Gardens, are Instrumental CDs, "given" by the Spirit, to minister to your mind and heart, enabling God to minister to you "Spirit to spirit" in ways that music with lyrics cannot. Did you know that music is a language of its own? This music is intended for God to touch you with his inner healing, and just as when David ministered to Saul when he was tormented in his thoughts, the intricate melodies will also bring healing peace to your soul.  
  • Please explore the menu, and here are some things I'll point out:
  • Each Album has its own page in the submenu under Music, if you don't like scrolling down my long music page that has all the albums on it. 
  • Each Single I had released, is now on the Single's page.
  • The Christian Music Library contains all tracks and was created for your ease in accessing my music. i.e. if you hear a track from the music and album pages, and later want to revisit it, you can easily do this, for the track listing is alphabetized. If you end up wanting to listen by track, i.e. from this library all the time, realize that you need to scroll down a few times, to load and expose all 150 songs available to you. 
  • As you feel drawn to the Lord as you listen to this music, there is a Come to Christ tab, that explains How to Be Saved! Let me lead you to Christ. Amen! (smile) This would be my joy! And will be yours too! (smile)
  • Share buttons appear throughout this site... on every song page, every track, and every album! So this is "a way you can help me" to get the word out about this music. When you help spread the gospel, you share in heavenly rewards too!  You just never know how God might minister to one of your friends or family! This sharing gives HIM opportunity (smile).
  • Price buttons.  I want to make it clear, right now, that you never ever have to buy a thing!  The downloads of the songs are available for those who want to own a song or an album to keep it in their own device's music library.  You just "add to cart" (with option to remove any and all of what you put in there)... and upon checkout, the mp3 tracks will be emailed to you, to then download onto your device.
  • I believe the best option is to get a favorite album (tab is by their pic and most are sale priced at .50 track), so then you can save album art down, into your music library. However, the albums are based on the track prices, so you can just download favorite tracks. The tracks that have been singles before are priced at 1 dollar, the rest of the tracks are at 50 cents.
  • Suggested Way To Receive the Music:  Although you can play this music at the workplace, in your car, on a vacation, etc... my suggestion is that you try to get away daily (away from "a computer") maybe put on stereo headphones with a phone or tablet, and just lie down and soak in God's Presence, allowing the music to minister to your spirit. The music is sure to enhance your quiet times with the Lord. You don't have to see lyrics.... they are there though, for when you'd like to sing or follow along.  Please, allow me to take you into His Presence...  For this allows Him to speak Spirit to spirit, His Spirit to yours... with you quieted to receive.
  • STORE - I have included a storefront to what little product I have. I have a few physical CDs left in my inventory and their price includes shipping. I am desiring to sell chord sheets, so you can enjoy doing the music singing on piano and guitar yourself, once you're familiar with a song. The chord sheets are 'in-process' so if there is a particular song you want the chord sheet for, please let me know if it is not yet in the store, and I will do what I can to expedite that particular one so you can get it. Just contact me under the contacts area. I started with Christ's Sermon in Song chord sheets, thinking some churches may even want to do that as a in-house musical, and they can't do that much cheaper than I'm making it available. 
  • BOOK SERIES - My book series "Receive From Me" is a five-book series, with stand-alone chapters, each initiated by the Holy Spirit and first appearing in blog form…but now in book format: eBook, paperback, and hardback. There is a Amazon link now in the menu. 
  • BLOG - I will pick up blogging after I complete the book I'm now writing, so check out what is there... and realize more will be forthcoming, so come back to receive!
  • Please "bookmark" this site, and make time to just "come away" to enjoy the Lord's Presence as He invites you, "Receive from Me".

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