On October 8, 2023, The Receive From Me Book Series was published through Amazon!  The eBooks are readily available...and the print editions will be printed by Amazon, as people order the books. These are unique discipleship books in that the books themselves contain links to the music from this site...and the songs complement the messages found within the books. The advantage of the eBooks is that with the click of a link you can go from book to website and they are the lowest price.  Yet, the advantage of the paperback edition is that you can underline and highlight and write notes in the white space and make a book your own personal workbook. You would have to type in the web addresses to access the songs...but they're provided. You know how you would best receive! And I'm all about the Holy Spirit having His way in Your Life! Here are the book covers to just click on and the link behind them will take you right to the Amazon series page where you can decide which book you may want to start with, all get them all at once. You need to order them from there, for I will be keeping no inventory. I will actually just receive a very small royalty on each book for Amazon takes the responsibility to print and ship the books. This simplifies life for me. And most people are comfortable with ordering via Amazon. 

Click Pic below to go to Amazon and start reading today! You'll be glad you did! God has so much to give you through these books!