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True Submission

I am going to speak of a topic that “Takes Faith”. And this topic is to be considered as we, The Body of Christ, prepare to be raptured, and make ourselves ready. True Submission is going to be required of…

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Practice Makes Perfect

As I awoke this morning, the phrase “Practice Makes Perfect” came to me, and thoughts began to flood my mind as I remained still. Soon, as they came, I knew it was The Holy Spirit telling me these important…

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Two New Books Made into ONE!

What was first published as two books, I have put together to make one large book, to make a better value for readers. The book is called Wonderful in Counsel - Excellent in Wisdom. This is its cover.



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No Longer Blend In !

Saw this pic and my mind thought...Does this photo reflect the Word, where it tells us believers to "be in the world, but not of it? " Or are we trying to "blend in?"...though a different creation. Seems to me,…

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More in 24

Upon arriving home from our family's holiday activities, this morning I heard these words loudly in my spirit, “More in 24”. 

Immediately I prayed, in my heart: "Lord, I don't want to be one of those that declare…

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I've Not Given Up! Don't You Either!

For a season, I had grown discouraged and "fainted" regarding my music, for to be honest I published, and published again. I was getting older and older too, even though my music was recorded at my younger age. I only…

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