Receive From Me Book Series Released in October 2023

It is with great joy that I announce that the book I thought I was writing, and mentioned in the September's blog announcing this website, has multiplied to five books, as the Holy Spirit gave me a visitation this past month, and added insights and understanding to the blogs that now make up the books. He also began to reveal songs I had written that fit perfectly with the writings, that I then put within the books. Therefore the books have become quite unique, in that they basically have a music player built right into them! At least Volumes 1-3 do. God clearly had this project all “planned” years ago, but the convergence of my music with my journalism only occurred as I obeyed him… after I thought everything “died”.  He needed me to know my motive was always Him, and not what He was giving me. He was and is all my heart longs for!

As I was putting the blogs into book format… obeying Him to do this… convergence took place, and two unrelated things created a brand new thing: The Receive From Me Book Series. This to me was “supernatural”. I am in awe really…myself… at Him…his knowing what He was creating way before I did. I was only obeying step by step over the years. Friends! Be encouraged! He is taking you step by step too, and has great things in store for all of His Children, as we obey! It's simple love for Him and obedience to Him that has brought about this new book series. He did it.

God gets all the glory, for as I testified, I had let it all “die”…for I was to the “end of myself”… yet I guess that's when the Lord can step in and show Himself mighty, Amen?! (smile) And that's just what He did these past 30 days as this book series was being put together. He showed up! I could tell He was upon me as I wrote. I could tell I was doing these books “with” Him, and not just “for” Him. I was being entrusted with His Words, and humbly said “Yes, Lord”.

A verse that came to mind through all this process…which glorifies the Lord… is Ephesians 2:10:

“For we are His Workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.”

He had a plan! And the plan was the release to the public of these five discipleship books!

So please go to the menu tab called Receive From Me Book Series and “hear” my recorded testimony, and take the link from there to Amazon. There you can order yourself a devotional book to get started on your own spiritual journey. These books will totally bless you, bringing you to strength and maturity in your Christian walk. This I am sure of! When you get through one, you'll want to get another, and another, and another. When you figure you'll get many hours of instruction through these books, and one meal at a restaurant costs you the same, it's really quite a good thing to “feast upon the words of the Lord” over just food that is out your belly in a few hours. What you put “within you” from these books, will last you a “lifetime”, and transform your life through the renewing of your mind. Amen?! It's a 9.99 (eBook) or 14.99 (paperback) well spent! 

You won't miss out on a thing the Holy Spirit has to bless you with! He gives his children “spiritual gifts” so that we might use them to build up His Church. The Gift of Exhortation has always been my gift. Please “Receive From Me” in Jesus' Name. 

But mainly the Spirit of God says, “Receive From ME”… as His Invitation to YOU… and this is why the book series is named as it is. 

Rejoice with me! And help me spread the words about this new series being available on Amazon, by sharing the link to the series maybe with your friends. I can't spread the news of these books alone. I definitely need your help. So thanks so much!

If you buy a book and it blesses you, please message me on here, and tell me so! 

I'd love to hear what the Lord does through the books He has given! 

He's up to something good in us all ! Amen! (smile) 

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