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Please let my Christian Music and Books bring you into God's presence and loving embrace. 

He loves you so much! He's given me this music, and that's why I give it now to you.

Please make the decision to be one of His People by accepting Jesus because then this promise becomes yours!  


"The Lord will  give STRENGTH to His People

The Lord will bless His people with PEACE."  Psalm 29:11


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Receive from Me

Elizabeth Ann Smith

Dear visitors,

As a spiritual mama type, I desire to see God’s people growing closer and closer to Him, through Christ, in intimacy.

I think we all realize that the days ahead will grow more and more wicked, yet God wants us, His children, to be strengthened in the inner man, so we can stand strong against the tide of evil.

Many believers have remained “babies”, and haven’t matured “in Christ”, and without vision a people perish. God wants us to be "overcomers" and "to stand"!

Our knowing Him and His Word accomplishes spiritual growth. And that takes time and removing of worldly distractions. 

Therefore, I’m praying this site's music will help aid you and others in developing a focus for your intimate time with the Lord.  Individuals can have their bible handy to look up the texts of the songs, and see where the lyrics have come from. This information is found via INFO on each song title line. 

In God's plan, this music has been created for each individual, not for the masses, as in radio play. He wants you to really "tune in" , for His spiritual lessons "within the music" are so valuable. Time is short, and schedules are busy, yet individuals can be safe and secure in their own home, finding time to be on their devices, growing spiritually through the music, and embracing the peace of God through fellowship with Him. We can either use our devices or they can use us, right? (smile)

Thank you so much for coming to this ministry site, and reading my note here! 

I'm praying the good Lord will enrich your walk with Him. It will bring me great joy if you'd contact me with any testimonies of how God works in your life through this ministry, whether it is from the music or books! 

May You Be Blessed, and Be a Blessing! (smile)

Love you, Elizabeth