Friends, I just started up a YouTube channel, and have placed a few of them here for your viewing. However, best would be for you to click the Watch on YouTube, in the corner of the first one, and then subscribe to the actual channel, for then, as I get lyric videos made up, you will be notified. This will also enable access for you to view the videos on your large tv screens easier, for I know many of you do that. This is a brand new venture, and I really could use "subscribers" too! Don't be afraid of being one of the first subscribers!  This will help the channel to grow in popularity online. Thanks much!

Help Defray Expenses

Listeners, I am believing God would have me eventually get all my songs into lyric videos and on the YouTube Channel so that His Messages may be heard and received by more people. I need to go to outside sources to create these, whereas, up to this point I could do most things myself. Therefore, any donation toward this goal would be greatly appreciated. I'm sorry, your donation isn't tax-deductible, for I'm not a 501C3 organization... just one person... but God sees, and knows. I ask The Lord to bless each one that can partner with me in this endeavor. AND I THANK YOU TOO! Just click on the button below; For, as I raise the money, or get my own personal funds accumulated, I will do videos one-at-a-time until done! Pray with me about this too! Okay! Thanks much for your love and support.