Receive From Me

Words of Invitation from the Holy Spirit! The content of this website is shared with Believers in Christ Jesus to bring them to maturity in their Faith.

Elizabeth Ann Smith ministers through Christian music and journalism...Sharing what the Lord has given her to share...that HIS Invitation to each of you to "Receive From Me" may be accomplished to the end that God will be glorified in us all, and Christ will receive a Bride who is ready - holy and without blemish.

Explore the Christian Music Albums in the submenu of this Music Page. 

  • The last six albums are Instrumentals which carry an anointing of peace for spending time in God's presence. 
  • The others are Christian “discipleship music” and “worship music” with lyrics, given by the Holy Spirit to instruct, inspire, and bring about his purposes in your life.
  • Enjoy Free Full-Track Streaming! Any time of the day or night! 
  • Note: Clicking on the “lyrics or info” at each song will display the lyrics and notes, which will enhance your time with the Lord and enable you to worship along with me.
  • The black download button is only if you desire to own the music for your own device. Everything is free to listen to so don't be afraid to click any play buttons. 
  • Check out the menu items too! Elizabeth's books available through Amazon are under Books, there are Singles, Song Library, YouTube Channel, etc. 
  • I pray that you will enjoy the Lord's Presence and allow the Holy Spirit to minister scriptural truth to you through the music and books that you can access through this site.
  • This is the official ministry website of Elizabeth Ann Smith, yet is called Receive From Me, which is the Holy Spirit's invitation to all guests. Let His voice be heard above all.

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