1. Saul or David

From the recording Truth's Banner

Check out First Samuel in your bible and study the lives of Saul and David, for more in-depth understanding of this song's message. This is a great song to teach a bible lesson with, comparing Saul and David.


We can be like Saul
or we can be like David
We live as kings, unto ourselves, or unto the Lord

God can use us before and after our falls
If we live, not unto ourselves, but unto the Lord

Saul was a man who was seen as grand
In the eyes of the natural man
David, on the other hand, was invisible to man
But was seen in the eyes of a supernatural God

Saul and David both started with the favor of God
He Himself declared that they were “kings”.
They would rule and reign
Make decisions for men
But who recognized and obeyed the authority over “him”

Saul or David
Will you wait upon the Lord

Saul or David
Will you submit to the Spirit

Saul or David
Will you do it God's Way or your own

Saul or David
Which is stronger
Fear of God or Fear of Man

Saul or David
Is your heart longing for the praise of God
Saul or David
Or the praise of man

Saul or David
Is humility a desire over authority

Saul or David
A repentant heart or a hardened heart

Saul or David
Both would reap what they had sown

But David feared his God
He trusted in His words
He committed his future into God’s hands
And his decisions were made for the praise of one
And the people didn't dictate his decisions

Both kings fell at one time into sin and condemnation
But how they handled it
Was what we must learn.
Stubborn denial or a hardened heart leads to loss of our favor
Repentance means restoration and second chances.

Saul or David

Who will you be like

Saul or David

Saul or David

Will you recognize and obey the authority over you?