From the recording Reigning Prayer

A prayer given me during a most difficult time of unknowing. I believe it will bless any of you who are uncertain of the future.


Lord, teach me to trust
When I cannot see the way
Lord, cause me to know
That I won't be led astray
Lord, I cannot doubt
That your eye is leading
Though I cannot see
But within my spirit
Your love is sure
IF I'm in obedience
And you will be close
Your strong arms protecting me
For I have been bought
With your precious blood
I belong to You now
Most Trustworthy One
For you gave all
Such love
Can be trusted
In unselfish ways
You've proven your love for me
So I will say YES
To what is ahead
Though not quite aware
Of what will be
Receive my "yes"
That's within my spirit
And take away Fear
of what is "now coming"
For perfect love
It casts out all fear
And when no longer fearful
I can be obeying
All your words
Your ways
All your will
For me
Your perfect will