1. But I Say

From the recording Christ's Sermon In Song

Matthew 5:21-48 is a rich passage that is summarized in this song, and truly, it may sound quite foreign to modern day people. This passage contains a series of teachings wherein Christ uses the words: "You have heard it said... BUT I SAY …." You see, He was exercising "the higher authority" over their present law. Knowing what righteousness looks like in His eyes only makes us all realize we have need of Christ's righteousness "within us" to live these teachings, and are more than glad that grace through faith is what saves us. And that His Blood purchased that salvation. If you need Christ, let me lead you to him...go to the Come to Christ menu tab.


You have heard it said
You shall not murder
Whoever murders shall be in danger of the judgment
But I say unto you
Whosoever is angry with his brother without cause
Or calls him a fool
Is in danger of the hell fire
Therefore, be right quick
To make your peace with others
Reconcile with them in the way
With your actions protect your heart and thoughts
From this murdering unaware
Agree with your adversaries
Make restitution on your way
For I want you to reconcile with your brothers

You have heard it said
You shall not commit adultery
Whoever does shall be in danger of the judgment
But I say unto you
If you look at a woman
To lust for her
You have already committed adultery
In your heart
If your right eye causes you to sin
Pluck it out
If your right hand causes you to sin
Cut it off
It is better that a Part of you
Should perish here on earth
Then for all of you
To be cast into hell
And I say this to you
If you divorce for any reason
But sexual immorality
Then you too
Have fallen short of my perfect way

You have heard it said
Do not swear falsely
But perform your promises to The Lord
But I say unto you
Do not swear by heaven or earth
For they’re not yours to swear by
Not a hair on your head
Is in your control
Let your yes be yes
And your no be no
Simply be a man of your word
Let your yes be yes
And your no be no
Simply be a man of your word
For don’t you realize
That anything more than this
Comes to you
Straight from
The Evil One

You have heard it said
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
Justice calls for equal retribution
But I say unto you
Do not resist the evil person
Turn the other cheek when slapped
Give them more if sued
And lend when asked to borrow

You have heard it said
You are to love your neighbor
Its justifiable to hate your enemies
But I say unto you
Love and bless all those who curse you
Do good to those who hate you
And be sure to pray for all your enemies

God raises his sun on the evil and the good
Sends the just and unjust his rain
If you love only those who love you back
What reward do you think you have?
Even most of the evil people
Can love those who love them back
Your reward will be for
Loving your enemies

Be ye perfect
Just as your father in heaven
Is perfect
Love is this perfection
Love for God
And for your neighbor
Placing your heart into God’s keeping
Even if mankind shall trample it
Then you’ll be seen
And known as Sons of God