1. What Where Why

From the recording Christ's Sermon In Song

This is a very unique song, to say the least. It is written from truth read in Matthew 6:19-34. Interestingly, the Holy Spirit within me asked "me" these questions, and I knew also I was writing down His answers, and the song came forth easily. It is like a question-answer conversation that gives amazing revelation in the area of what the Believer's outlook on finances is to be. You may have to listen through this one, several times...but you WILL get the message, I'm sure (smile).

The dash (-) appears before the lines of the answers, so as to avoid confusion.


I’m gonna to ask you
All kinds of questions
See if you can answer
What? Where? Why?
Where? Why? What?
Where? Why?

What are we talking?
-Our Treasures
Where should we put them?
-In Heaven
Why should we do this?
-On earth, they are stolen
-And corruptible
Where should we put them?
-In Heaven
-Where they’ll accumulate Forever
Why is this important?
-Where our treasure is
-Our heart will be also there

What are we talking?
-Our Focus
Where should it be put?
-On Father
Why should we do this?
-If our eye be single
-Our body will be full of light
Where should it not be?
-On Evil
What’s deemed as evil?
-Love of Money
Why should this not be?
-If our eye be evil
-We’ll dwell in darkness

What can be a “master”?
-Our Money
How do we serve it?
-With thoughts and actions
Why do we do this?
-Love for money
-Is greater than our love for God

Where do we think this?
-In Worry
Where do we do this?
-In Struggling
Why do we do this?
-Our trust is in ourselves and money
-Not in our Provider

WHAT are we talking?
-Our Service
Where is it given?
-Both Masters
What makes this important?
-No one of us can serve Both God and our Money
How is our service known?
-In our focus
Serving God or Money?
-Can’t serve both
-We will love and hold on
-To one of them
-And hate and despise the Other

What is our solution?
-Take No Care
Where do we do this?
-In all things
Why should we do this?
-Our faith in God is proved by
-Trusting His love and faithfulness
Where should our trust be?
-In Our Provider
Who knows our every need?
-Our Father
Why is this important?
-To trust His love
-We must know
-He acknowledges all our cares

What does He give us?
-Our clothing
What does He give us?
-Our food and drink
What does He give us?
-Our shelter
-And He even gives us all our money

What don’t the birds do?
-They sow not
What don’t the lilies do?
-They toil not
What is required of us?
-Not to labor for our needs, but for God’s -Kingdom

What will we seek then?
-His righteousness
Where do we seek Him?
-Within our hearts
Where do we trust Him?
-Within our thoughts
Where do we show this?
-In actions
Why do we do this?
-We trust Him
Why do we trust Him?
-He’s faithful
How do we obey Him?
-We take no thought
-For our own life
-For we know that
-We’re Important to God