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911 Never Forget was given me by the Spirit of God, and then recorded in demo form a week PRIOR to the twin towers going down.

The music to this song was literally “downloaded” to me from heaven as I sat worshipping at my own piano. I remembered it and played it every time my hands hit the piano keys (as if in prayer) until I recorded it. There is no written composition or taking down of chords…no thinking about it ahead of time…and no troubles keeping its fullness within me. I couldn’t get God’s emotions out of my spirit, for those emotions weren’t of my own, but His. I had no idea how it would come out on the recording; I just went to a friend’s home studio and began playing it, for I needed to "get it out of my system" (so to speak). Clearly the recording of it was the will of God, for once recorded the "burden of it" left me.

Then soon later, the morning that the 911 tragedy began to unfold and I personally watched the coverage on television, I knew in my heart that the music revealed was about that. I could hear in my spirit the music telling of the “echoing” of the towers falling one right after the other (if you’ll listen to the song you will hear that echoing yourself), and I knew the intense grieving “emotion” of the composition was the heart of God over the whole matter. It was a prophetic song, I believe from God, but I was unable to discern what the music was all about until “the interpretation” was given me with the watching of the newscasts.

Clearly friends, God knew it was going to happen, before it did; and clearly, everything that unfolded that day “broke his heart” just as it did yours and mine. He grieved for the USA, His land, even before we did. I believe the song “911 Never Forget” was given, because God knew his people would need inner healing afterward, and clearly this music was declaring a "change of history" for our Nation. It was a turning point. But would it be one “toward Him” or “away from Him”? Was our departure from Him, the reason He let down his hedge of protection on our previously “godly” nation? In the bible, God’s way is to allow his hedge of protection to come down when a nation departs from Him. (Check out Psalm 106:41-44) We know, it is always Love that God operates in, for He IS love. He is drawing us as a nation, and individually, back to Himself.
I believe this music was given to promote inner healing from the painful wounds left behind in people's hearts. God loves the USA. He loves those affected by this tragedy, which includes us all. In fact, I’m sure it is His heart is to bring emotional healing to every hurting victim of the “aftermath” of ANY disaster or tragedy… whether it is personal (like in divorce or death of a loved one) or like 911, hurricanes, floods, mass shootings, and other wounds left by the Evil One, who is described as a thief (coming quickly) that robs, kills, and destroys. (John 10:10)

God came to bring life and rebuilding. Evil WILL touch our lives, for we cannot control other people's choices--nor can we prevent Satan's control over them... but THE GOOD NEWS IS, Christ rises up a standard against all the enemy's attacks. Christ Jesus is named also Immanuel God With Us and is available to bring restoration and healing to you and I.

Let him minister Spirit-to-spirit to you through this song given. He will communicate to you from within the music. I know it. Hear Him. Let the healing tears flow. Receive His love. Let it flow over you. Let him hold you in His embrace. I believe He will do amazing things, because I felt His Heart… when he gave the music.

Please pass this song page onto others you know need to be healed from Evil touching their personal lives. God is able to mend and bring renewal to your life and theirs.